“You can’t wait for inspiration, you have to go after it with a club.” — Jack London


Website Functionality Questions

Client Website Discovery

BUY Keppra ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION, The first of three articles on website discovery and what to ask your clients before starting on the design and development phase of their website. Keppra price, Website Functionality Questions

Client’s Company


  • Do you currently have a website. What is/are the URLs?

  • Describe the products/services you sell?

  • Who are your 3 main competitors, Keppra in cats, dogs, children, Canada, mexico, india, please include their URLs?

  • What makes you stand out from your competitors. How do you differ?

  • What do you like or dislike about your competitors’ websites; is there anything on their sites that you would like to emulate?

  • What is the demographic of your target market or client base: age, purchase Keppra online, Keppra 75mg, sex, income, 400mg, 450mg, Keppra 5mg, education, geographic region, Baltimore, Maryland. Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Buy Keppra online cod, etc.

Website Functionality Questions

Website/Functionality Questions


  • If you have a website, do you have a site map, Keppra for sale. Farmacia Keppra baratos, Keppra online kaufen, If you don’t already have a website, do you have a site “blue print” that includes the sections and pages of your site?

  • If you have one, Keppra 50mg, New York. Los Angeles, California, what do you like most about your current website?

  • What are your top 3 frustrations with your current website?

  • What is the goal of your website. What 3 actions would you like your user to take?

  • How web- or tech-savvy is your client base or target market, BUY Keppra ONLINE NO PRESCRIPTION. 0 being the least savvy and 10 being a “power-user”.

  • Do your visitors require any special technology such as a mobile version of site, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Las Vegas, Nevada, Keppra snort, alcohol iteraction, multiple language support, larger type for easier reading, Keppra over the counter, Keppra withdrawal, etc.

  • Any specific features you would like included. Separate log in area for clients; calendars; forums; blog; forms; subscription services (RSS, Indianapolis, Indiana, San Francisco, California, Keppra 125mg, email or newsletters); share by social networking; uploading files (documents, images, comprar en línea Keppra, comprar Keppra baratos, Rx free Keppra, audio, video)?

  • If you do not currently have a form on your site and need one, buy Keppra from canada, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Phoenix, Arizona, what information do you want to capture from the user. Will you be using this for email-marketing campaigns, Keppra 1000mg, 2000mg. Boston, Massachusetts. Charlotte, Carolina, What email-marketing service do you use or do you need to subscribe to one?

In the next article I'll cover the second half of the discovery document and answer some of the questions.
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